We are Papaver Home; a Saudi brand that took its first steps in Saudi Arabia back in 2013. Papaver is based on the name of a flower that grows in the Middle Eastern desert and other parts of the world. It was much considered throughout ancient Greece and the time of the Pharaohs of Egypt as an ornamental flower decorating their homes for its beauty and uniqueness.

Papaver Home, however, started from the love of tea-time which is the core and essence of the brand with all the joy and fondness it brings to our hearts. Papaver then expanded to share the same kind of passion through its unique tableware & baby products.

We are lucky that our passion, commitment, and flavor has reached a lot of hearts in many homes, making Papaver a fast growing startup in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Papaver provides unique, high quality, and simply beautiful home accessories such as dinnerware, tea sets and baby products.

If you are looking for accessories that would make your home more joyful, intimate and beautiful, you have come to the right place! Whether you are dressing up your own table, buying trendy baby products or looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones, Papaver will provide you with a variety of choices that meet your needs.

Try out our products and enjoy that special tea-time moment every day!


As a dreamer full of life and ideas, Hind Altharwa established Papaver while pursuing her MBA from Dar Al-Hekmah University in Jeddah. Hind, who is extremely fond of tea-time, decided to establish Papaver to spread that joy and get women to appreciate having tea as an experience & as a special moment of the day.

She started off selling tea sets, and now Papaver is offering a wider range of dinnerware and coffee sets. By 2017 the brand launched a new line called Papaver Baby that focus on stylish, non-toxic products for conscious parents.